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Arrow Technical Textiles Pvt. Ltd.

Arrow Technical Textiles Pvt. Ltd. is a dynamic young company offer world-class composite fibers such as high Strength Fiberglass, High Silica, Basalt Fiber, Aramid, EMI (electromagnetic induction) and ESD (electromagnetic sensitive devices) Fibers, and Filtration Media.

Our Business Verticals :

Insulation Tech
Advanced Composite
All types of Fibres

At ATT our core purpose is to provide innovative solutions in advanced industrial fiber and fabric to Indian Industry and SAARC nations with a sustainable ecological environment commotment.

When it comes to advanced composite industrial Materials ATT is a leader based on our global experience and deep-domain-knowledge which in turn provides your business with a cutting edge in today's ever challenging business environment. So when you think of envionment friendly composite materials, always think of us. ATT is here to form long-term business relation business relations with you that may blosson into enduring partnerships which will contribute to India's overall progression to becoming a global industrial superpower.

Our Support

We Assure 24x7 Support for your Queries. You Can Contact Us on Social Links.


We Control all Inventory Online Connected to Our Warehouse and delivery Committed are at par with Industry Standred.


  • 1. 25 Years of Global Presence in International Trade
  • 2. Quality Products and Reliable Services
  • 3. Client Centric Approach
  • 4. Highly Competitive Prices
  • 5. Strong Logistics
  • 6. Cost Effective Customization Services

Bringing Global Excellence in India with High-Standard Technical Textile Solutions
Arrow Technical Textiles has been leading the market for 25 years. Our international trade and global presence have allowed us to become a leader in technical textile solution for Indian industries. Focusing on the versatility, we work as your manufacturer, distributor as well as a supplier in the country. Our advanced technological approach allows us to innovate and cover multiple business verticals. We have been working as a Carbon Fiber Rebar Manufacturer, Distributor, Supplier. Plus, we have a strong market in various other business verticals such as fibers, environ-tech, advanced composite, insulation tech, pro-tech, and build-tech as well.
Product Quality Empowered by a Continuous Support
If you are looking for a Carbon CFRP laminate plate Manufacturer, Distributor, Supplier, Arrow Technical Textiles is the name to remember. Our high-quality products come at a price that creates a profitable environment for your business. Our 24/7 support further enhances your capacity to resolve your queries. All in all, we offer our partnership for a long-term progression of your business.
Customizing to Make Products Client-Oriented
Arrow Technical Textiles innovates for clients. We make products exactly the way they suit your business model. Get your technical textile solutions right away with our reliable services.


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