ArrowtexTM offers Advance Composite Materials


Protech Cloth

Protech deals with special Fabrics that possess special properties ranging from radiation shilding to high durability. Protech Comprises of ESD + ESI fibers to Aramids.

  • A. EMI Insulation Products Series : 801-100
  • B. Antisatatic And Conductive Fabrics Series : 802-100

Aramid Cloth

  • A. Aramid Fiber Fabrics Series : 700-111
  • B. Blended Woven Fabric of S - glass Series : 310-111
  • C. Hybrid Fabric Carbon Fiber + Aramid Fiber Series : 402-111

Pro-tech and Aramid Fiber Series For High Durability
In various technical textile industries, radiations shielding and durability are essential. Such properties come from the Aramid fibers that comprise the pro-tech properties as well. Arrow Technical Textiles has a vast product collection under the aramid category. We also offer services as a Carbon conductive yarn, ESD fabrics, Antistatic yarn Manufacturer, Distributor, Supplier. And it all comes at a price that doesn’t go beyond your budget.
Consistent Supply and Quality Assurance
We are the technical textile solution providers that you need for consistency and quality assurance. We have multiple series of aramid cloth, which you can choose according to your business preferences. Every single product category comes with quality assurance. We have a huge presence in the global and Indian market. Hence, you can rely on us for consistent supply.
Making Products for Your Business
Arrow Technical Textiles provides a customization service as well. We can easily modify textile products according to your business requirements. This customization is quality-oriented and budget-friendly with us.
Check Out our Inventory
Our online inventory has huge and well-connected with the warehouse. So, browse through the catalogue or contact our support team for further discussion. We are here to help you out 24/7. Get in touch today to know more about our technical textile industry solutions.


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