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Basalt Fiber - Series 600

Basalt fibers is made from 100% volcanic basalt rocks, and processed through the special technology. It is tested to be A-level noncombustible in sultion material Its unique net structure is not stratified but crisscrossed. Basalt fibers not only have the same high intensity, high modulus and stock resistance performance with high technique fiber of PPTA and UHMWPE, but also have good thermostability and light resistance, especially the boundary that combines with resin have high bonding strength.

  • A. Basalt Fiber Fabric Series : 600-111
  • B. Basalt Unidirectional Fabric Series : 601-111
  • C. Basalt Roving Series : 602-111
  • D. Basalt Fabric Rebar Series : 603-111
  • E. Basalt Fabric Fire Proof & Heat Insulation Board Series : 604-111
  • F. Basalt Fabric Geo-Grid Series : 605-111
  • G. Basalt Fiber Chopped Strands Series : 606-111
  • H. Basalt Needle Mat Series : 607-111

Manufacturing Quality Basalt Fiber with Advanced Technologies
Basalt fiber is an organic fiber made from basalt rocks special technology processing is a necessity to get the non-combustible, high intensity and other properties of Basalt fibers. Your business requires the assurance of quality in order to operate without worrying in any manner.
Serving the technical textile industry for more than 25 years, Arrow Technical Textiles has created a strong reputation as a Basalt Fiber Cloth, Fabric Manufacturer, Distributor, Supplier. We simplify your product accumulation strategy by proving all types of fiber options in the Basalt category. You can choose our services as a Basalt Fiber Yarn Manufacturer, Distributor, Supplier as well.
Basalt Fibers that Match Your Industry Standards
We have a reputed image in the market. Our services as Basalt Cloth Unidirectional for reinforcement Manufacturer, Distributor, Supplier have allowed hundreds of businesses to attain their business goals. We incorporate the latest manufacturing techniques along with customization facilities to make every product suitable for your business.
Vast Collection and Continuous Supply
As a Basalt Fiber Chop Strand Manufacturer, Distributor, Supplier, we are here for you no matter how large or small your supply requirement is. We have a great inventory and supply products to satisfy your demand.
Call us to understand our role as your Basalt Fiber Rebar Manufacturer, Distributor,Supplier as well. We cover a wide range of Basalt fibers.


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