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Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber is an advance fiber, has low specific gravity, good heat resistance, small coefficient of thermal expansion, and thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and good electrical conuctivity. The modulus strength is higher than steel. Carbon fiber have broad application prospects in engineering as well as in the aerospace industry.

Carbon Fiber

  • A. Carbon Fiber Yarn Series : 400-111
  • B. Carbon Fiber Fabric Series : 401-111
  • C. Hybrid Fabric Carbon Fiber + Aramid Fiber Series : 402-111
  • D. Unidirectional Fabric For Re-inforcing Series : 403-111
  • E. Carbon Fiber Powder Series : 404-111
  • F. Carbon Fiber Chop Strands : 405-100
  • G. Carbon Tape: 406-111
  • H. Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Prepreg
  •       a) Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Prepreg - Standard Modulus : 407-111
  •       b) Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Prepreg - Intermediate Modulus : 407-121
  •       c) Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Prepreg - High Modulus : 407-127
  • I. Bidirectional Carbon Fiber Prepreg : 408-111
  • J. Carbon Fiber Plate : 409-111
  • K. Carbon Fiber Hollow Tube
  •       a) Carbon Fiber Hollow Tube - Round : 410-111
  •       b) Carbon Fiber Hollow Tube - Square : 410-128


Making Unidirectional Carbon Fiber in Varieties
Whatever your business requires in terms of carbon fiber, you can find under one roof. Arrow Technical Textiles is making all varieties of carbon fibers as a leading manufacturer, distributor, and supplier.
We, at Arrow Technical Textiles, are offer Carbon Cloth Unidirectional for reinforcement material, civil and construction industry Manufacturer, Distributor, Supplier. Our unidirectional carbon-fiber collection includes different types. Plus, we offer customization services to match the supplied product with your business model. And that too, at a cost-effective
Technology that Gives You the Best Carbon-Fiber Features
Carbon fiber is known for heat resistance, low specific gravity, thermal and electrical conductivity high mechanical strength. These fibers even save from corrosion. However, it all comes down to the technology used in manufacturing. We leverage the latest techniques and technologies for manufacturing the most-effective carbon fiber. You can expect to receive all the quality features of the selected product.
Redefining Textile Industry with Cost-Effective Customization
Arrow Technical Textiles has been working for years now. Our global presence has allowed us to bring the reliable manufacturing techniques in the Indian tchnical textile market and empower businesses that belong to aerospace, engineering, and others. Know more for business success! Contact our expert team to discuss your carbon-fiber requirements.
Every Carbon-Fiber Solution You Desire for Your Business
The unique features of carbon-fiber have created a huge demand for the material in various industries. It offers corrosion resistance, thermal expansion, electrical conductivity and many other valuable properties. But to leverage these properties, you need a powerful manufacturer who can supply you the correct quality regularly.
Arrow Technical Textiles have been offering carbon-fiber solutions for more than decade. In fact, we have a wide range of series that include all different types of carbon-fiber solutions you require. Our large manufacturing team of experts and advanced technologies allow us to become a consistent supplier for your business.
Catalogue of Our Carbon Fibers
Arrow Technical Textiles serves as your manufacturer, distributor, and supplier in all kinds of carbon-fiber categories. You canrely on us as your Carbon Fiber Yarn Manufacturer, Distributor, Supplier.
Similarly, we can become your Carbon Fiber Roving Manufacturer, Distributor, Supplier. You can rely on our expertise as a Carbon Fiber Rod Manufacturer, Distributor, Supplier.
If your search is for a Carbon Fiber Chop Strand Manufacturer, Distributor, Supplier, we are the answer. In fact, we also have a trusted market as a Carbon Fiber Cloth, fabric Manufacturer, Distributor, Supplier. We offer CFRP laminates and unidirectional cloth for structural strengthening and repairing of old and new heritage building, road, bridge, port, etc.
Choose Your Solution with Us! We offer all carbon-fiber solutions under one roof.


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