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Filter Media

With the ability to ply and weave all types of mono-filament, multi-filament, spun filamentand staple yarns. We can produce advanced filtration fabrics in woven as well non-woven felt that meet the performance requirements of your application. Our experienced engineering teams work closely with clients to understand their filtration processes and develop fabric that offers the flow rates, particle capture, chemical resistance, solids release, and durability they need to operate at maximum efficiency.

Fiberglass Filter

  • A. Fiberglass Filter cloth Series : 900-111
  • B. Polypropylene Filter Fabrics Series : 901-111
  • C. Non-Woven Filter Felt for Standard Temperature Series : 902-111
  • D. Non-Woven Filter Felt for High Temperature Series : 903-111
  • E. Sewing Thread Series : 904-111

High Silica Fiber Mesh

  • A. High Silica Fiber Mesh Series : 301-111

Obtain Desired Filtration Quality with Our Reliable Filter Media
The efficiency of filtration depends on the media you use. Different industries require distinct kinds of filter media to maximize the quality and quantity of dust collection. Business leaders from various industries look for woven and non-woven fabrics as filtration media.
No matter what your requirements are, Arrow Technical Textiles can deliver quality solutions.We are the leading name in the textile industry. Our work as Filter non woven polyester felt Manufacturer, Distributor, Supplier has been admired by many industry leaders. We produce varieties of filtration fabrics as an advanced solution. Our produced fabrics create a smooth filtration environment in your business.
Features You have been Looking for Our expertise as Fiberglass Filter cloth Manufacturer, Distributor, Supplier comes from the experienced engineering team we have accumulated. Our team has developed fabrics that offer much-needed features such as particle capture, flow rates, solid release, and chemical resistance. And it all comes with high durability. All these advantages allow you to bring efficiency in your filtration procedures.
Choose a Filtration Type that Suits Your Business
We are very well-known as a Filter cloth PTFE Membrane Manufacturer, Distributor, Supplier. However, there are mono-filament and multi-filament and other varieties available as well. With one call, you can get access to our top-notch filtration fabric solutions!


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