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High Strength Fiber Glass

The high strength fiber glass comprises of E-Glass, S-Glass and High silica glass fiber. They have 30-40% high tensile strength compare to C-glass fiber. 15-20% higher modules of elasticity, higher temperature rang from 3000C to 17500C, 10 times higher fatique resistance, also they have excellent impact resistance beacuse of high elongation to break, high ageing & corrosion resistance; quick resi wet-out properties.

E Glass Fiber

  • A. Fiberglass E Glass Woven Cloth Series : 100-111
  • B. High Temperature Cloth Series : 101-111
  • C. Fiberglass Mesh Cloth For Grinding Whell Re-inforcement Series : 102-111
  • D. Fiberglass Woven Cloth For Building Re-inforcement Series : 103-111
  • E. Fiberglass Mesh Cloth For Waterproofing Series : 104-111
  • F. Fiberglass Woven Cloth Self-adhesive Tape Series : 105-111
  • G. Alkatine Resistance Fiberglass Strand Series : 106-111
  • H. PTFE Coated Fiberglass Cloth Series : 107-111
  • I. Silicon Rubber Coating Fiberglass Coth Series : 108-111

S Glass Fiber

  • A. S Glass Fiber Fabric Series : 200-111

High Silica Fiber

  • A. High Silica Fiberglass Series : 300-111
  • B. High Silica Fiber Mesh Series : 301-111
  • C. High Silica Fiber Needle Mat Series : 302-111
  • D. High Silica Chopped Strands Series : 303-111
  • E. High Silica Yarn Series : 304-111
  • F. Si02 Series : 305-111
  • G. Texturized Silica Yarns Series : 306-111
  • H. Silica Fiber Series : 307-111
  • I. High Silica Sleeving Series : 308-111
  • J. High Silica Woven Tape Series : 309-111

Leverage High-Quality S-Glass Fiber to Attain a Competitive Edge in Your Industry
Unlike E-glass fiber, S-glass fibers offer way better tensile strength. The properties of S-glass fiber allow you to obtain a Razor edge in your market. And Arrow Technical Textiles helps you do that.
Our globally admired technical textile product solutions enable you to innovate in your business. We have technical expertise and manufacturing skills that easily align with your business model. Our services include manufacturing, distribution, and supply as well. We even offer complete customization to deliver technical textile solutions that exactly match your industry requirements.
Use Quality S-Glass Fiber from This Day Forwards
As Fiberglass silicone coated cloth Manufacturer, Distributor, Supplier, we have a trustedreputation in the market. Our experience and quality-assured manufacturing allow us to be a great partner for your business. Our fiber products let utilize impressive properties such as impact resistance, corrosion resistance, waterproofing and others. The Aluminium foil lamination, fiberglass cloth are widely used in HVAC and hot temperature area
Fiber Solution Assurance that Never Lets You Wait
You don’t have to waste time and get behind in a competitive market. We partner with your business to deliver the fiber solutions continuously according to your demands.
Get in touch today to leverage our services as a High silica Fiberglass cloth Manufacturer, Distributor, Supplier or, call to make an inquiry.


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